Auxiliary to Sons of Union Veterans
670 Briarcliff Drive San José, California

Preserving the memory of the
Grand Army of the Republic and
our ancestors who fought to preserve the Union
1861 - 1865

The Auxiliary to Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (ASUVCW) is a patriotic and educational organization, which strives to assist the Sons of Union Veterans in keeping alive the memories of our ancestors and their sacrifices for the maintenance of the Union; to aid in caring for helpless and disabled Veterans; and to properly observe Memorial Day.

The Dr. Mary E. Walker Auxiliary No. 52, ASUVCW was chartered by National President Danielle Michaels on March 20, 2004, with rank from August 9, 2003. It is the official Auxiliary to the Phil Sheridan Camp No. 4. The Auxiliary was named for Civil War surgeon Dr. Mary E. Walker (1832-1919). The number "52" was chosen to honor the 52nd Ohio Infantry, to which unit Dr. Walker was attached.

Dr. Mary E. Walker
  • AREA: The Auxiliary serves the Northern California counties of Santa Clara, San Mateo, and San Francisco.
  • MEETINGS: The Auxiliary generally meets bi-monthly on the third Saturday of odd numbered months, at the American Legion Hall, Mission City Post 564, 2120 Walsh Avenue, Santa Clara, California. Meetings are held in conjunction with meetings of the Phil Sheridan Camp No. 4. Please check the Event Schedule for updated information.
  • NEWSLETTER: Dr. Walker's Remedies is published bi-monthly and is included with Camp No. 4's newsletter,Sheridan's Dispatch.
  • MEMORIAL DAY PARTICIPATION: Memorial Day Ceremonies, Oak Hill Memorial Park, San José, California.
  • VETERANS DAY PARTICIPATION: Veterans Day Parade, San José, California.
  • DUES: Annual dues are $25.00 with a one-time Initiation Fee of $10.00.

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