Sons of Union Veterans of
2950 Lake County Hwy. Calistoga,

Department GAR Highway Officer

Thomas P. Chumley, PCC

Tom Chumley was born at Howard Air Force Base, Panama Canal Zone, to Jack and Naomi Chumley. Jack was a career soldier who served from before WWII into the Cold War. Like many military families Tom's traveled around a lot and he lived in North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia, Florida, California and Illinois. As well as the family resided in Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Morocco. As a boy he walked many battlefields and visited many National Cemeteries. Tom’s parents were both from old Southern families with Unionist sympathies. Tom's great-grandfather was Pvt. Jackson Sidney Chumley of Company D, 3rd Tennessee Infantry, USA. Jackson had two younger brothers who also served in the Union army. A genuine SOB, his great-great grandfather, Lieutenant Robert Wilson, served in the 29th Alabama Infantry, CSA.

Thanks to the G.I. Bill, Tom attended San Bernardino Valley College and the University of California, where he graduated with a degree in history. In 1974 he embarked on a career in law enforcement serving in several positions, ending his career as a Special Agent, with the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Tom is most fond of the five years he served as a Deputy United States Marshal, apprehending and arresting fugitives from justice. Today he works as an Investigator for the Long Beach City Prosecutor. A widower, Tom’s pastimes are reading history, enjoying real Chinese food and being a nanny to his grandchildren. He is a member of the Gen. W. S. Rosecrans Camp No. 2 in Los Angeles, California and has served his Camp as Councilman, Camp Counselor, Eagle Scout Certificate (he is the proud dad of an Eagle Scout) and Camp Commander. Tom is presently (2013) Department GAR Highway Officer and Camp Graves Registration Officer.

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