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Department Councilman & Counselor

Daniel R. Earl, PCC

Daniel was born on November 18, 1964 in Salinas, California to Robert "Bob" and Phyllis Earl. It was in Salinas that Bob, a retired electrician and also a member of the SUVCW, and Phyllis (a member of the ASUVCW), raised Daniel and his three younger siblings, a brother and two sisters. After high school Daniel attended Hartnell Junior College where he received his A.A. degree in the Administration of Justice. While attending school he was employed by the County of Monterey, where he worked as a 9-1-1 Public Safety Dispatcher for seven years. Once he completed junior college, Daniel matriculated to the California State University at Sacramento where he earned his B.A. in constitutional law and communications studies. While attending college in Sacramento, Daniel was employed as a Legislative Clerk for a California Assemblyman at the State Capitol.

Shortly after receiving his degree in Sacramento, Daniel attended graduate school at San José State University where he worked on his Master of Arts degree in Political Science. During this time he also left Monterey County 9-1-1 and began work for the San José Police Department where he has been since 1990. As a collateral duty, Daniel serves on the Board of Directors of his local labor union, representing several thousand city employees.

Daniel's research in family history lead him to his Civil War ancestors. Although he qualifies under several ancestors, he joined the SUVCW in 1999 under his maternal great-great grandfather Wilson Bonner, who served in Battery L of the 6th Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, Department of Washington, D.C.

Daniel completed a one-year term as Camp Commander of the Phil Sheridan Camp No. 4 of San José, California in January 2007 and served six years in the office of Secretary-Treasurer. Other offices he has held include Department Secretary-Treasurer (2001-2005), Camp and Department Counselor, and Department Newsletter Editor (2001-2009). At the National level, Daniel continues to chair the National Committee on Legislation, which he has done since 2001.

In addition to his activities with the SUVCW, Daniel is a corporal in Company C, 8th California Volunteer Infantry, 6th Military District, Sons of Veterans Reserve (SVR), which is also based out of San José. He previously served as 2nd lieutenant and adjutant for the Company from 2001-2008.

Besides studying the Civil War, other hobbies Daniel enjoys include his passion for family history research and related genealogy subjects (he has written and published a book on one of his families), traveling, computers, following politics and issues of the day, and spending time with his wife, Debbie (who is a member of the Dr. Mary E. Walker Auxiliary No. 52).

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