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Jamin M. Gjerman, PCC


Jamin Gjerman was born in 1993 and has lived in Sonoma County his entire life. He has been a reenactor·with the 20th Maine Regiment of the American Civil War Association (ACWA) since he was eleven, and joined the SUVCW in 2008. He is currently serving as Historian and Junior Vice Commander of the Col. Elmer Ellsworth Camp No. 23. Jamin joined the SUVCW because of an intense love of history, and has at least four great-great-great-grandfathers and several other relatives who served the Union Army in the 20th and 72nd Indiana Mounted Infantry, 107th New York Infantry, 5th Iowa Infantry and Cavalry, and 126th Illinois Infantry, just to name a few. Jamin lives in Windsor, but hopes to attend Gettysburg College in the near future, where he will study history.

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