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Paul E. Lavrischeff

Paul Eugene Lavrischeff was born in El Cerrito, California in 1958, the eldest of two sons of John T. and Anna M. (Falck) Lavrischeff. He grew up in the California cities of Danville and Concord. From his earliest years, Paul had an extreme interest in and love for the "Old West", including the Civil War and Pony Express.

When Past Department Commander Tad D. Campbell began researching Paul's genealogy, he hit the jackpot with Paul's great-great-grandfather, Levi Hensel. Levi was a blacksmith for the Pony Express, served as a Second Lieutenant in the 13th Kansas Cavalry during the Civil War, and later became a newspaper editor in Colorado and New Mexico. A short time after the discovery of his Civil War ancestry, Paul joined the Phil Sheridan Camp No. 4, being initiated by then Department Commander D. Brad Schall.

Paul did not know he even had a Civil War ancestor until four short years ago. Little did he know that through additional genealogical research he would prove to be a distant cousin to Brothers Daniel M. Bunnell PDC and Tad D. Campbell PCinC, both through the Fuller family of Mayflower fame.

Paul is also an active member of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), and uses the "handle" Levi Hensel in honor of his Civil War ancestor.

Paul works part-time at Target Masters West Milpitas Indoor Shooting Range and is a certified NRA basic pistol instructor.

Paul resides in San José, California, where he pursues his passion as a horse trainer and equine massage therapist.


Paul's Union ancestors include:

Daniel Spencer Bauder of Company B, 12th Illinois Infantry

Aaron Decker of Battery A, 1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery

John Henry Decker of Company E, 36th Iowa Infantry

Ambrose C. Fuller of Company F, 58th Pennsylvania Infantry

James Luman Fuller of Company G, 1st New York Dragoons

Abel Hensel of Company I, 12th Illinois Infantry

Elisha Hensel of Company I, 30th Ohio Infantry

Harvey Hensel of Company K, 98th Ohio Infantry

Josiah Hensel of Company D, 161st Ohio Infantry

Levi Hensel of Company G, 13th Kansas Cavalry

William Elliott Morrow of Company H, 46th Iowa Infantry



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