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Washington Ballou (1832-1864)

George Washington Ballou was born on October 28, 1832, in Essex County, New York. He was the third, of five, children born to Alanson Ballou and Priscilla (Sherman) Ballou. He married Martha Udell, in Jefferson, Ohio, on March 1, 1857, and later took up farming in Franklin County, Iowa. They had two sons, Frank A. (1858-1886), and Horace Mann (1860-1941). George Washington Ballou enlisted, as Washington Ballou, in the Union Army, at Maysville, Franklin County, Iowa, on August 14, 1862. He was mustered into Company H, of the 32nd Regiment of Iowa’s Volunteer Infantry, on September 13, 1862, and soon earned the rank of Corporal. According to “The Ballous in America” (published in 1888): “We have no particulars of his war record, except the single sad fact that he was killed in the battle of Pleasant Hill, LA, April 9, 1864, aged 31 yrs. 5 mos. and 11 ds. So his mortal life went out in its bloom--a patriot’s sacrifice to his country’s national integrity. What a ruthless monster is war!” From his “Inventory of Effects”, dated May 27, 1864, it has been learned that: he died “from wounds received in battle”; he had “no effects”; he had “drawn clothing to the amount of 9 04/100 Dollars, since last settlement Aug. 31, 1863”; and, he was last paid on December 31, 1863. Unfortunately, there are no known photographs of George Washington Ballou, and no record of his burial has been found, so it is assumed that he was buried at the battlefield.


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