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Louis Caraveau (1845-1929)

Louis Caraveau was born in 1845 in Montreal, Canada. The family name was Corriveau and this family was among the first French immigrants to settle Canada in the 1600s. Louis's Father moved the family to the Chicago area of Illinois around 1850. Louis volunteered for the Union Army when he turned 18 and was mustered into service in January of 1864. His regiment was the 76th Illinois Infantry. The Army misspelled his last name, spelling it Caraveau. My great-great-grandfather kept that spelling for the rest of his life. In 1865 he and several other 3-year enlistees were transferred to the 37th Illinois Infantry where they were eventually mustered out.

After the war Louis married and traveled to Kansas in a wagon train in 1867 with his young bride, becoming one of the early pioneers. He lived in the Scottsville area of Kansas and became a well-respected farmer and a member of the community. He fathered seven children, including my great-grandfather Edmund Caraveau, who was the father of my grandmother Beulah Caraveau who was the mother of my father James.


Louis was proud of his service to the Union and wore his Grand Army of the Republic medal on Sundays and Holidays. My grandmother gave me that medal because of my interest in the Civil War and history. I have it still.

Louis passed away in 1929 and is buried in the Scottsville Kansas cemetery.


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