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Edward Croisant (1835-1914)

Edward Croisant was born in Evans Mills, New York in 1835. His family came to America from France in 1812. Edward’s Great Grandfather Daniel immigrated to America after Daniel’s eldest son Jean, a Grenadier in Napoleon’s Grand Armee, was killed in Spain in 1811.

Daniel wanted to keep his other three sons from serving in any more of Napoleon’s wars. It is ironic that several of his Great Grandsons and Great Nephews served in the Civil War.

Edward Croisant volunteered for the Union and was mustered into Company C, 1st New York Light Artillery in October, 1861 at Elmira, New York. He served and fought until February 1863 when he was discharged for disability.

After recovering back home in Evans Mills Edward and his cousin Lewis Croisant enlisted together in the 20th New York Cavalry, both in Company F as privates at Evans Mill, New York on August 24, 1863. They joined the company at Sacketts Harbor on September 6.

Edward rose to the rank of Corporal and cousin Lewis Croisant had a battlefield commission as a Second Lieutenant. The 20th New York Cavalry was at Appomattox Court House for Lee’s surrender.

Edward served with the 20th New York until being mustered out with his regiment on July 31, 1865. He returned to Evan’s Mill, New York and was a respected member of the community until his death.


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