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Junius Henry Farrar (1823-1899)

Junius Henry Farrar was my great-great grandfather. He was born in Perry County, Alabama on February 12, 1823. He and his brother Albert Gallatin Farrar migrated to Elm Springs, Arkansas reportedly from Shelby, Tennessee around 1854 and became farmers. I found land records of this dated to the early 1850s and filed in Washington County, Arkansas.

Junius Henry Farrar was one of only a few Union sympathizers in the Bentonville, Arkansas area, when the Civil War started in 1861. His farm was burned out twice due to bushwhackers. After this he sent his family to Springfield, Missouri to live with relatives, this included my great grandfather Clark Wallace Farrar then aged around six. Junius then took his two sons John and Nicholas, walked to Fayetteville, Arkansas and enlisted in the then forming 2nd Arkansas Cavalry Regiment of the Union Army on July 12, 1863. He was promoted Sergeant and his sons were privates. They were assigned to Company F. They served in the unit thru the war and were on patrols and involved in many skirmishes with partisans and Confederate guerillas. The regiment eventually wound up in Memphis near the end of the war, where they were mustered out.

His family's history is one of which television movies are made. His wife Cassie's brother Charlie Nail was enlisted into to the 2nd Arkansas Cavalry Union Army by Junius. Charlie was of American Indian blood. He eventually deserted and enlisted in the Confederate Army for the express purpose of collecting the bounty money paid for enlistments. It was related by a relative in West Texas that Charlie was later caught in Benton County with Union Army documents and deemed a spy near the end of the war. He reportedly was summarily executed as a spy. I assume it was in Bentonville. More research is required. 

Junius passed away June 24, 1899 in Benton County, Arkansas and was buried in Elm Springs Cemetery, Washington County, Arkansas. His wife Cassie passed away in 1900 and is buried there also.

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